Bengal Eagle Owls

(Bubo begalensis)

Meet April, Khan and Chip our rescued Bengal Eagle Owls.

Although they are all the same species, they all have very different personalities! Khan is very sociable and will fly to the fist with our keepers and so sometimes enjoys trips out of his aviary and around the sanctuary to meet some of the other animals. He sadly broke one of his legs in recent years, but thanks to the excellent work of our vets and a lot of extra care from us, his leg was saved and he is doing very well!

April is a grumpy female who prefers her own space. You will be able to tell her apart from the others as she is slightly larger than the boys, a trait common in most female raptors.

Chip, like Khan, is quite friendly and happy for us to share his aviary with him. He is one of our most vocal owls and can be heard often hooting throughout the day.


Birch the European Eagle Owl

(Bubo bubo)

European Eagle Owls are one of the largest species of owl, and Birch is no different! She is one of our oldest owls; now starting to lose her eyesight she sometimes needs a little extra support from us. This means that we must never alter the inside of her aviary, as animals are so wonderful at adapting to their situations and as long as it stays unchanged, she can easily find her way around it! 

Without the struggles of living in the wild, many of our animals live much longer lives than they would in the wild and some begin to show signs of their age in the same way as we might in our older years. We always monitor their welfare closely and ensure that they are supported at all times, living free of pain and distress.

Did you know? European Eagle Owls were once commonly found in the wild here in the UK! They are no longer deemed native, but are thought to be making a bit of comeback in recent years, following the escape of several breeding pairs.

Meriden the Spotted Eagle Owl

(Bubo africanus)

Also known as the African Spotted Eagle Owl. Meriden was brought to us by the RSPCA several years ago when his owners could no longer care for him.

He prefers his own company and is sure to let us know how unimpressed he is with our company when we have to carry out work in his aviary, clacking his beak at us! Well, they can't all like us.

Did you know? The African Spotted Eagle Owl is the most common species of eagle owl in southern Africa. They have an extremely large range, being found in most of sub-Saharan Africa, and parts of the Arabian Peninsula as well.