Classes & Workshops

Following having to wind down our activities throughout the pandemic, we're very happy to start bringing you some brand new Classes & Workshops here at the sanctuary! As the world is still a little topsy-turvy right now, we're not using our classroom at this time and instead, we're making use of the natural world around us and the beautiful surroundings we're so lucky to have here at Brockswood.

If you have ideas for classes and workshops that you would like to see here, or maybe help us to run, we'd love to hear from you!

Agillity Kidz

Agility Kidz Mini Explorers

We are very happy to be joined by Agility Kidz, a fantastic local organisation committed to supporting young people in getting out and engaging with the wonderful natural world around us. They have been working hard on creating a base here for their Mini Explorer groups here in our sanctuary woodland, and now they're eager to bring some fun and adventure to your little ones!

Bushcraft at Brockswood

Wild Times Adventure School

Alastair at Wild Times Adventure School has been bringing outdoor learning, the art of bushcraft, survival skills and woodland adventure to the sanctuary for several years now. Why not book on to one of our sessions and introduce your children to some outdoor fun!