Free range ducks

Fresh Eggs For Sale

Our rescued Ducks and Chickens are raised naturally - we don't fill them with unnecessary drugs like many commercial poultry farms, and we do not sell eggs from sick birds undergoing treatment, so these eggs are also completely natural!  

Brockswood eggs are 100% cruelty-free. This is one of the most ethical ways that you can buy eggs! No cramped cages and overcrowding, no unhappy birds. Many of our girls; our ducks especially lay eggs in abundance almost all year round, while others hardly lay at all - and that is perfectly fine! Sadly, in a commercial egg farm, these birds would be seen as not good enough and lose their lives, but we are happy as long as our birds are happy, whether they lay or not!

Our birds have a diet rich in grains and many different fruits and vegetables. You are what you eat, and a happy, well-nourished bird makes a tasty egg, rich in nutrients! 

Our eggs are collected daily, so freshness is always guaranteed! Many shop-bought eggs are already days old when bought as they have undergone so many different processes before they have even reached you.  Buying local produce means fewer food miles, and therefore a "greener" way to stock up on your favourite foods.  You are also supporting a local organisation AND helping us to care for our rescued birds! 

Why not give them a try? They sell quite fast so don't delay and buy some on your next visit. We would also be very happy to reserve some for you to avoid disappointment - just let us know how many you would like and when you are planning on popping in, and we'll put some to one side for you!