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Jasper & Carrott

Guinea pigs
(Cavia porcellus)

Guinea pigs, also known as 'cavies', are small, sociable rodents native to the grasslands and lower slopes of the Andes Mountains in South America. They are typically kept as children's pets and are known for their friendly and affectionate personalities. 


Unfortunately, guinea pigs are another often misunderstood companion animal, kept badly or left homeless as people quickly lose interest in their care. Guinea pigs, like most animals, have very complex needs, with a varied diet, social interaction, and access to plenty of space needed to ensure their welfare. With proper care and love, guinea pigs can be a very rewarding addition to your family.

Jasper & Carrott
Jasper & Carrott

Jasper and Carrott are some of our luckier residents, coming from a loving home that unfortunately had a change in circumstances which meant they could no longer keep them and needed to find a new forever home where they would continue to be loved.


The boys were very timid when they first arrived and would run straight inside whenever they saw us approaching. It took us a very long time to build up their trust and confidence and they do occasionally still worry, so do try to be very quiet if you want to see them out and about! They can usually be seen munching their hay (which they will sometimes kindly) share with their rabbit neighbours next door).

Forever in Our Hearts

Although these beautiful guinea pigs are no longer with us and are missed so very much, they live on always in our hearts and minds. As long as we continue to speak their names and tell their stories, they are still with us and will never be forgotten!



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