Native & Non-Native Wild Mammals

Fiona the Raccoon

(Procyon lotor)

Fiona was rescued from an illegal puppy farm where she was being kept in a dirty, cramped cage! Read more here.

She was, understandably, quite nervous when she first came to us but with lots of love and attention she came out of her shell and is doing so well with us!

Thanks to the success of a JustGiving appeal (thank you!), we were able to build her a brand new enclosure in 2019 and she now has a large purpose built home where she can run, climb, explore, play and splash in. She loves to play and adores attention from a couple of our keepers. She is very clever and even responding well to some training, such as learning to sit still on scales so that she can be weighed as part of her health care.

Raccoons are nocturnal, so we cannot guarantee that you will always be lucky enough to see her outside (although she can often be seen splashing about in her pool on sunny days!); if not you can peek through her window and see her snuggled up in her nice warm bed.

Raccoon with Pear

Freya the Fox

(Vulpes vulpes)

We took Freya in late one night in 2018 after she, as well as several other animals, was found living in a home in very poor conditions and seized by the RSPCA. Read more.

When Freya first arrived she was, understandably, very scared of us and would hide as soon as she saw anyone. It took months to gradually get her used to us, so she was no longer scared, and following of lot of time and extra care, she seems to have forgotten her sad start in life.

She loves to run and play with toys. She loves exploring new things and meeting new people, and even dogs who visit us!

Unfortunately, Freya cannot be released into the wild. We suspect that she was born in captivity and although she does have some of her natural fox instincts, she could not survive if she was released.

Poppy the Tanuki

(Nyctereutes procyonoides)

Poppy was seized from the same home as Freya the Fox, living in extremely poor conditions. Like Foxes. Tanuki (also known as Raccoon Dogs due to their similar appearance to Raccoons, and the fact that they do in fact belong to the dog family) do not make good pets and certainly do not belong in small cages!

We are currently raising money to build Poppy the large, purpose built enclosure that she so deserves, and hoping to take in some companions for her. Donate via PayPal.

Sadly, Raccoon Dogs are also prized for their beautiful coats and are known to be kept in cruel "fur farms". Please always check the labels on your clothing to ensure that you are not buying real fur!



Sponsoring our animal friends helps us to pay for their care, and makes it possible for us to take in others in need of us in the future! Funds from your sponsorship help us to pay for their food, bedding, veterinary treatment, enrichment, and enclosure upkeep/renovation. These costs quickly mount up and your help makes a big difference.

You Will Receive:

  • A Certificate of Adoption

  • 2 A4 Animal Photos

  • Animal Fact Sheets

  • A Sponsor's Season Pass (visit them as often as you like during our open season!)

  • Your Name proudly displayed on their "Best Friends" board outside their enclosure.