Goat Guardians

Rescuing Oliver

On 24th March we heard about a goat who desperately needed to find a home by the end of the week, otherwise, he would be sadly put to sleep. The very next day we were able to rescue him thanks to the support of our amazing "Goat Guardians" who rallied together to help us save him!


Ollie's Guardians

Kelly Evans, Ray Dedicoat at Hollytrees, Julie Byfield, Kelly Griffiths, Simon Powell, Laura Mahiques, Julie Buesnel, Stephanie Smith, Helen Kent, Olivia Seymour, D Phoenix, Megan Hill, Daniel Cooper, Patricia Clarke, Lorraine Penzer, Kayleigh Hodges, Bradley Autie, Helen Kent, Angela Pinheiro, Sam Taylor, Katie Hughes, Ruth Cooper, Adam Jones, Kim Vowles, Sarah Lloyd, Martin Clarke, Margaret Burns, Norman Caddick, Robert Jones, Emma Harrison, M Goodall, Carole Stokes, Pamala Quartey, Jude Hammersley, Elysia Pearson, Sarah Terry, Lisa Ellis, Karen Westwood, Emma Ward, Karen Smith, Annie Walters, Nikki Summers, Thomas Quinton, and Amanda Haynes.


Ollie Comes to Brockswood!