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International Keeper Day

Today is International Zoo Keeper Day. Although we’re not a zoo, because of the amount and types of animals that we have, we have to hold a Zoo Licence and are subject to all of the same legislation, rigorous inspections and high standards that are expected of zoos. Animal Keeper is a short job title, when in fact you are also a...

  • CLEANER - Keeping animal shelters and paddocks clean and tidy... Guess what? Animals poo a LOT! We clean windows, sweep paths, empty bins, clean kitchens, equipment, etc.

  • CHEF - Preparing and feeding a wide range of diets for all sorts of animals with varying needs. Our mornings and afternoons are spent chopping, grating, mixing, measuring, and eventually feeding. We’re the greengrocers, the chefs, the waiters and the pot washers!

  • NURSE - Many of our animals have special needs and need daily medications and treatments. We don’t clock out at 5:30 when an animal is poorly and have even stayed with them overnight when we’ve been caring for them. We assist the vets, administer injections, carry out daily health checks, take and sometimes even analyse samples, bandage wounds, and hardest of all; we are there for them right up to the very end in some sad cases. A part of our job many forget about but something we can never forget.

  • RECORD KEEPER - We are responsible for keeping the notes needed to be put in to all of the animals’ individual records (every single animal here has their own record!). What have they eaten? How are they behaving? Symptoms of sickness, medicines being used, etc.

  • INTERIOR DESIGNER - We are in charge of making sure the animal enclosures are fit for the needs of the animals. From putting up new perches for a bird, to working with the maintenance guys to draw up the plans for new ones!

  • TRAINER - We train some of our animals, volunteers, students who are hoping to do our job in the future, and even visitors! We are also learning all of the time ourselves and are undertaking courses from MSc Veterinary Physiotherapy, to Zoo Management, Food Hygiene (because we believe that animals should have safe, hygienic diets too!), First Aid, Leadership, and even regular training days with our vets.

...and SO much more! We are proud of our team and what we all achieve together, and thank YOU for making it all possible for us!

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