Poultry, Waterfowl & Pheasants


(Gallus gallus domesticus)

We have a large number of chickens at the sanctuary, as sadly these animals have become throwaway "objects" to many people - in fact, almost all of our chickens were literally dumped outside our gates or physically thrown over the fence! (** Please Note ** We are currently at capacity and sadly cannot take in any more at the moment).

Although we do have some hens, the majority of our chickens are roosters (male chickens). As roosters can be noisy, aggressive, and don't lay eggs; they are usually undesirable to people - but we love our beautiful, feisty boys!

We have a variety of breeds, such as Cream Legbar, Sussex, Bantam, Maran, and several other mixes. They all have very different personalities, likes/dislikes, temperaments and behaviours, and are a joy to care for!



(Anas platyrhynchos domesticus)

We have several groups of rescued ducks, as well as many free-ranging Wild Mallards using our different pools and habitats here. Many of these Mallards were taken in as orphaned ducklings and released on site.

We have a range of flightless, non-native types as well such as our Pekins, Alyesburys, Indian Runners, and other mixes. Most of these were pets that could no longer be kept by their owners and have instead found a forever home here with us.

After a lot of fundraising, and kind sponsorship from Selco Builders Warehouse, we were very pleased to complete a brand new aviary for some of our ducks, following the unfortunate collapse of their old one during the harsh winter of 2017! This was one of our biggest projects and we are very proud of the end result - a blueprint for how we'd like to renovate many of our other older aviaries!

Nigel the Goose

(Anser anser domesticus)

Nigel has been with us for as long as we can remember. He was originally part of a large group, but over time it is just him now remaining. Thankfully he gets on very well with one of our groups of ducks and has become a sort of guardian to them! He even cuddles up with them in the winter sometimes, and sunbathes with them in the summer.

He is a very noisy boy and can be heard calling loudly at feeding time. Unlike the ducks, his main diet is grass, so he will sometimes fly out of his enclosure into one of the paddocks nearby and graze with the animals in them - we frequently find him in with Leo the Pony, sharing his grass.

He is a very noisy boy and can be heard across the whole site at feeding time! He can be a little grumpy at times, but we certainly have a big soft spot for him anyway.


Indian Peafowl

(Pavo cristatus)

Jasmine and Raj joined us in 2017, when their owner could no longer keep them. They were not fully grown when they came to us, but have since matured into beautiful adults - if you are lucky enough to see Raj displaying for Jasmine (and occasionally a duck or two), you will certainly agree! He fans his magnificent tail feathers out behind him and shakes them. He will turn and shake them ,causing the quills to make a rattling noise, and it is a sight to behold!

Did you know? Most people call Peafowl "Peacocks", but this is actually just the name for the males. Females are known as "Peahens", and so collectively they are called "Peafowl".

They are part of the Pheasant family, and are among the largest and heaviest types of Pheasant.

Golden Pheasant

(Chrysolophus pictus)

Phineas joined us several years ago, after being found lost in someone's back garden. Although we tried to trace his owners, nobody came forward and we gave him a home. Phineas lives very happily with our Cockatiels, sometimes seen snuggling up with them at night on their perches!

He is very friendly and loves to meet new people, often showing off for visitors.

Did you know? Golden Pheasants are thought to have been kept as pets in captivity since the 1700s, but legend has it that during their Golden Fleece quest, the Argonauts brought some of them to Europe 1,000 years BC!

Phineas the Pheasant