Formulated by the team at Proteus Reptile Trust, this is a unique fragrant and colourful botanical blend of health-boosting dried flowers and leaves formulated to naturally boost your tortoise's health, as well as being loved by your tortoise; providing stimulation and enrichment in the captive environment! The natural ingredients are thought to:


  • Stimulate liver function
  • Improve bladder function
  • Aid digestion and general wellbeing with added fibre
  • Help to stimulate appetite
  • Boost health and vitality with natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements
  • The rough texture may help to prevent overgrown beaks


Ingredients: Nettle Leaves, Raspberry Leaves, Dandelion Flowers/Leaves, Blackberry Leaves, Strawberry Leaves, Marigold, Echinachea, Blue Cornflower, Hibiscus, Rose Petals, Parsley, Blue Mallow, Plantain, Alfalfa.


Feeding Guide: This is not a complete feed and has been designed as a supplement to your regular tortoise feed. Add liberally on top of daily feed. The mix can be lightly moistened to improve palatability, but if moistened please remember to remove uneaten food within a few hours.

Tortoise Leaf & Flower Mix - 50g


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