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Auntie's Group Winter 2019

Auntie's Group

This is our little band of misfits! It began with the need to separate a handful of poorly sheep from the main flock a few winters ago. While some got better and were moved back, it became obvious to us that some new friendships had formed since they'd been together and we simply didn't have the heart to split them back up again! Other misfits have since joined and been readily accepted by this gentle group, headed up by the lovely 'Auntie' who looks after them all.

Meet Roma, Greta, Auntie, and Shelly, as well as their newest friends, mother and daughter Ivy and Evie! These two were found lost (suspected stolen), wandering down a busy road and needed a safe new home when their owners could not be found. They have fit in so well with this group and are very happy.


The Rams

Meet Casper, Joe, Edward, and Rambo; our handsome group of Jacob-type boys! This group of sheep are quite a bit bigger than our other sheep, and so we keep them in their own little group together. They can look quite intimidating with their very large horns, but they are all very gentle; especially Joe who was reared by us when he was found abandoned as a lamb. He loves to be stroked and lots of attention!

Did you know? Sheep horns are made from a substance called 'Keratin', the same stuff that your hair and fingernails are made from! Sometimes horns can become damaged or fall off and like your nails, they can also grow back.

Jake's Group

Jake's Family

Jake was born here at the sanctuary and was unfortunately rejected by his mother, so we had to intervene and hand-rear him ourselves. We had recently taken in 'Faye', another orphaned lamb and they were raised here together. As they grew up they became inseparable, and still live together today with their daughter, April.

April is quite shy and nervous of people, but Jake and Faye are very friendly and absolutely love to play with us (Jake is a very big boy and occasionally accidentally knocks us flying when he gets too excited!). 

Jake is Auntie's nephew, hence the name!


Valentine's Group

This is one of our other smaller groups of sheep that were once part of the main flock. We have separated them into their own little group in our stable area for the time being where we can keep a closer eye on some of them as they all have various medical issues that need to be monitored, or extra care and attention.

In this group, we currently have Valentine, Poppy, Jax, Evangeline, Pineapple, and Brenda. Some of these sheep may only be stopping in the group temporarily while we provide veterinary treatment and extra care until they recover, but others will now remain happily in this special group, such as Pineapple who is now blind - this doesn't bother her as long as we don't alter her surroundings, and her friends help to guide her. We move slowly around her and make certain noises such as tapping on buckets to alert her that we are near with her food.

Sheep Sunrise

The Main Flock

There are over thirty sheep in this group; This is a happy mix of rams and ewes ranging from small Soay Sheep to the larger Lleyn Sheep, and a lot of other mixes in-between.

Most of these sheep were rescued from slaughter many years ago and are now in their teens, enjoying the long and happy life that they deserve in their Forever Home.

They all have very distinct personalities and frequent visitors are likely to get to know some of the more confident members of the group, such as Larry, Shaun, Storm and Sansa who are almost always at the front, waiting to meet you!

Lydia & Timmy


Timmy was brought to us when he was just a lamb by two kind ladies who had found him in the road, thought to have been hit by a car. We called the vet out straight away as he clearly had damage to his legs, who gave him a guarded prognosis for recovery. 

He was moved into our medical room where he wouldn't be able to move around much and risk further damage to his legs, and we carried our daily physiotherapy treatment. With a lot of patience, little Timmy started to show signs of improvement and eventually was able to come out and make some friends!

We put him with one of our smaller groups of Golden Oldies who we thought might be a little gentler with him as he continued to recover, and he was instantly accepted by Mumsy, the head of the group, and Archie, another lockdown lamb who joined us a little later in the year. He had a new family, and his recovery started to speed up!

Today Timmy is one of our biggest, strongest sheep; a far cry from the damaged lamb that we carried in that morning. We've all been knocked flying by him at some point as he remains blissfully oblivious of his own size and strength. He's full of confidence, and after a nervous introduction to the main flock after the sad loss of his surrogate mother and first friend, Mumsy, he has now become firm friends with Drac, the head of the flock, so he has clearly moved through the ranks.


Forever in our Hearts





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