Small Mammals

Sprite the Guinea Pig

(Cavia porcellus)

Sprite joined us in 2018 and settled in straight away. He loves greeting his rabbit neighbour Tommy each morning and can be heard squeaking and chattering away to him throughout the day!

Did you know? Like humans, but unlike most other mammals, Guinea Pigs cannot synthesize their own vitamin C and must obtain this vital nutrient from food. If Guinea Pigs do not ingest enough vitamin C, they can suffer from potentially fatal scurvy. They require about 10 mg of this daily, which can be obtained through fresh, raw fruits and vegetables or through dietary supplements – don't be alarmed if you see the water in his bottle looking a strange colour; this is special fruit flavoured vitamin C rich drink that we sometimes give him, just to be sure he's getting enough!



(Oryctolagus cuniculus)

*** Please Note *** We have had to temporarily take our rabbits off show while we carry out some work on their runs to make them more secure, following foxes being seen trying to get into them! We would like to say an enourmous thank you to The Punky Bunny, who has very generously been donating a percentage of her sales each month to us, enabling us to carry out this important work! We hope to have them back out ready for re-opening in Spring 2020.


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