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Veterinary Treatment

A lot of our work involves caring for sick and injured animals, and we pride ourselves on ALWAYS doing what we can for them (whereas many animal establishments will weigh up the cost of the vet bills against the cost of simply replacing the animal). This means that our vet bills, aside from the animal food, rent and utility bills, are often our biggest!

These can range from a couple of pounds spent on daily medications to THOUSANDS of pounds; such as Daisy the pig's complex veterinary treatment, which even involved a trip to the Liverpool University Veterinary Hospital!

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated and means that we can continue our work with these animals in need, and not have to think twice about providing them with the health care that they require.

Jim Injection

Pay Veterinary Bills

You can donate funds to us, and specify that the donation is to be used towards veterinary treatment - pennies or pounds, it ALL helps!

Or why not get in touch with our fantastic Farm Vets at Meadows Farm and ask about putting funds directly towards our bills? or even put us in credit so that we're ready for the next call or prescription!

You can also contact Rosewood Animal Hospital who treat our smaller animals, to inquire about putting funds towards our bills here.

Donate Items

You can also help by purchasing items for our Animal Treatment and First Aid Cupboard - These can range from more expensive items such as syringes and medications, to cheaper ones available from your local pound shop!

We have put some of these items up on our Amazon Wishlist but will make a more extensive list available here ASAP.

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