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About Us

Brockswood is a non-profit making company; all of our profits are used to care for rescued animals and to maintain and improve the site, as well as conservation of the land to provide a haven for British Wildlife.

Brockswood is set in the beautiful Cotwall End valley, adjacent to the Cotwall End Nature Reserve. It is 16 acres on the former site of Cotwall End House, providing "a little oasis in the Black Country".

Brockswood Animal Sanctuary took over in 2005.  There has been an animal facility in one form or another here for many years, but unfortunately, over time it had slipped into disrepair. When we took over, we knew it would be a huge project and we will still require a lot of support and funding before we can bring the site back to its former glory. Since we have been here we have had to repair fences, replace water supplies and drainage systems, re-wire the buildings, rebuild walls, repair pathways and much, much more!

For many years we have stated that we would like to bring Brockswood back to the former glory of the place many of you remember from childhood visits. What we would actually like to do is become even better than that... but it is going to take a lot of work!  This work continues each day, as we face new challenges and problems to overcome, all whilst caring for our rescued animals - but with your help and support, we will get there! 
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Our Aims:

  • To provide a safe and secure facility for sick, injured or otherwise unwanted animals.

  • To renovate the site and create a pleasant and peaceful place for the local community. 

  • To create public awareness of our animals and the British countryside.

Three Year Strategic Plan 2020 - 2023


Mission Statement

  • To provide a safe haven for sick, injured and unwanted exotic, wildlife, and agricultural animals within an educational visitor attraction.

  • Providing a rescue and rehabilitation service for sick, injured and unwanted animals, and where necessary a permanent home.

  • Ensuring sound husbandry techniques that meet in full the physical and psychological requirements of the various species at the sanctuary, and therefore ensuring the well-being of all the animals in our care.

  • Using the site as a whole to develop formal and informal educational programmes that aid development of both students and private individuals. 

  • Support and develop local conservation programmes that will assist in the protection of native species.

  • Supporting ethical scientific research that furthers the knowledge and understanding of animal welfare and husbandry.

  • Maintaining a stimulating visitor experience that educates the public with regard to issues of animal welfare and ethical treatment of animals in captivity.

Nottingham University Vet School with Ha
Amber and Jim the Goat


We work with colleges, enabling students to study Animal Management on-site in our two classrooms and get some important hands-on experience working with some of our domestic, farm and exotic animals. We have also recently started working with veterinary students; helping them to gain experience with animals with problems they might not usually come across, while they kindly share their skills with us!

We have lots of educational signs for you to read, telling you about our animals and our work, and don't be shy to ask us for more information about anything you see - that's why we're here!


We have a diverse range of habitats on our 16-acre site and are working hard to make this a haven for the rapidly decreasing British wildlife.

We have had great success with this so far, seeing numbers and species growing as we do! We have also rescued and taken in wild species, which we have reared or provided first aid treatment, ready for release.

This is an area of our work that we aim to build upon in the future.

Visit our Conservation page for more information.

Family & Community

Brockswood is not only a great place for animals, but for you and your family too! Why not step out of the busy city and escape into a little of the countryside! Get up close with some of our animals (don't forget to buy a bag of food for them in the café!), have fun in the play area, and enjoy some quality time together - Under 4's go FREE!

Our car park is also completely FREE, and you are more than welcome to bring your (well-behaved) dogs on leads!

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