(Capra aegagrus hircus)



Ollie is our most recent addition to our rescued Goat family. He joined us at the end of March 2021 thanks to the kindness of our supporters who rallied together to help bring him to the sanctuary at very short notice when we heard that he would be put to sleep in a couple of days time if a new home wasn't found for him. Thankfully we were able to step in and give him a new Forever Home at Brockswood.

Ollie is a Golden Guernsey, a native Rare Breed that was almost lost during the Second World War when the island was occupied by German troops and livestock were sadly used as food.


Harper the cheeky little Pygmy Goat joined us in 2019. She was being kept by an inexperienced goat keeper in their back garden and wasn't having all of her needs properly met - so we offered her a Forever Home with us, where we could give her everything that she needed! She quickly settled in with the rest of the group and became good friends with Rosie (who got very jealous when she was first brought in!). She can usually be found perched on a log, or zooming around the paddock - she is much younger than our other goats and is absolutely full of energy!

She is very friendly and loves to meet new people (especially if you've got food). She loves head scratches and jumping up her Keepers for attention!



Penny, along with her daughter Tuppence (who we sadly lost to cancer) originally lived at 'Fur and Feathers Animal Sanctuary' and were kindly transferred to us in 2014. Penny is a little more nervous than the others, but still very friendly when she gets to know you!

This old girl needs lots of extra care and attention from us. Her hooves grow exceptionally fast and in a different direction to usual, so these need frequent clipping and shaping. She also produces milk, which is quite odd for a goat without Kids; and we have to milk her fairly frequently to keep her comfortable! She's a wonderful girl and worth all of the extra time!


Jim the Pygmy Goat came in with Rosie and they have been completely inseparable ever since! Despite their differences in size and breed, they are the best of friends and can often be found snuggled up together.

Jim is the watchman of the group and keeps an eye out for danger, warning them with a sneeze if he thinks he needs to (they're very clever and know what vets look like!). He is a ladies man and can often be found trying to woo them all.

Despite his old age, he is in perfect health and still very active and agile, enjoying playing with his friends!



The gorgeous Groot joined us on our last day open in 2019. He is one of the lucky ones as he came from a wonderful home and owner who loves him very much! Sadly due to health problems, she was beginning to physically struggle with the hard work involved in caring for him and made the very difficult decision to re-home him. As we are very close, she can see him whenever she wants to and we are very happy for both of them as their bond is so strong!

Groot is a Boer goat, a very large breed that was developed in South Africa. Although he is our biggest goat, he is most definitely a gentle giant! He loves fuss and attention, and be sure to feel his lovely fluffy coat!


Sam was found tied to a lampost. He was so young he hadn't even been weaned and we had to bottle feed him. It could have been a completely different story but thankfully he was a fighter and pulled through!

He lives with his best friend, Brian. The pair have done everything together since their introduction. He's not quite as agile as he was now that he's advancing in years and needs extra care since developing an issue with one of his legs, but he can still keep up with Brian!

Sam is a Bagot goat. This is a very special Rare Breed, native to the UK.



Brian has been with us since 2013. He came to us in a police van after being found wandering around the high street in Brierley Hill! Unfortunately, as he had no identification, we couldn't trace his owners, and so we offered him a Forever Home with us at the sanctuary!

We quickly discovered that he is quite the Houdini and no matter where we put him, he'd find his way out! For the time being, we've had to house him in his own paddock along with his best mate Sam; which has so far proved to be the only place that he hasn't escaped from. He's quite famous amongst visitors here for being the one balanced on the pillar, doing his best impression of a goat statue.

He's a little scoundrel, but we love him to bits.


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