Buy Animal Food & Supplies

Many people like to see exactly what their donations are going towards, and this way you can pick exactly what we spend your donations on! A few people have kindly bought us sacks of animal food, but the amount paid on postage means that we probably could have bought even more from our own supplier for the same price! Your donation will enable us to purchase the item on your behalf, knocking the money off our very high monthly feed bill.

It costs us thousands of pounds to feed and care for our animals, and during the winter our bills increase even more, with extra feeds needed as the animals use more energy to keep warm, and the grass is scarce - we can spend hundreds a month on hay alone!

goat food.jpg

Goat Food

We order a large amount of this a month - buying just one will make a big difference to us!


Sheep Food

With so many rescued sheep (with very big appetites) we currently use a whole sack of Sheep Mix per day!

duck food.jpg

Duck Food

With more and more ducks finding their way to us, we are now using 8 sacks a month.

emu food.jpg

Emu Food

This has to be specially ordered in. We use 2 sacks a month for Malcolm.


Pony Food

Help us to feed Leo, Callum, Duke, Abby and Anna; our rescued ponies.

pig food.jpg

Pig Food

Bonny, Harry & Hermione have very big appetites, and this is in high demand!

layers pellets.jpg

Chicken Food

We have a large number of rescued chickens, and these certainly get through a lot of food!

rabbit food.jpg

Rabbit Food

Though we prefer our rabbits to eat mostly hay and grass, they still use a few bags a month!

hay bale.png

Bale of Hay

We use around 2-3 bales of hay a week to feed our grass-eating animals!


Bale of Straw

Used for bedding - with the cold and wet weather, we are struggling to keep up with the demand!


Bale of Shavings

We use a large amount of these per month in order to keep our animals' beds dry and comfortable!

mineral block 1.jpg

Sheep Mineral Block

These are very important during the winter months when the sheep need extra vitamins and minerals!

sheep mineral 2.jpg

Sheep Mineral Bucket

These help to keep our sheep in tiptop condition all year round! We currently use several a week.