Site Renovation & Projects

Since taking over the abandoned Critter's Farm site, we have had to carry out countless repairs, as the old Cotwall End Nature Centre site is showing its age now. Now we have decided to stop patching it up and start again from the ground up. We want to slowly completely rebuild Brockswood, to create the haven that both our rescued animals and you, our supporters and local community, truly deserve to enjoy!

Unfortunately, this is very expensive and we can only work as fast as funds allow us. If you or your company would like to help with funding, or donating materials, please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you. Together we can achieve so much!

Below are just some of our current, and planned projects for the near future.


Peafowl Aviary

A brand new purpose built home for our Peafowl residents!

We had to move our rescued peafowl out of the aviary they had shared with the ducks after they started to nest and became territorial, and so we decided it was time for them to have a home of their own. As peafowl can fly and like to roost up high, we wanted to build an enclosure with added height with this in mind and lots of space so they can display their beautiful tail feathers. We selected an unused plot of land next to the cockatiel aviary and thanks to funds raised by YOU and recycled materials kindly donated to us (if you've walked on Birmingham's Broad Street, you may have stood on the slabs in this aviary!) we completed it for them!


'Selco' Aviary Build

Rebuilding our collapsed duck aviary after heavy snow!

Like many of the original Cotwall End Nature Centre enclosures, this aviary was now beginning to really deteriorate due to its old age and the heavy snowfall of 2017 was just too much for it, causing it to begin to collapse. We were contacted by Selco Builders Warehouse who generously offered to supply the materials needed to completely rebuild the aviary for our now homeless rescued ducks! We are so very proud of what we were able to achieve together - an amazing home for these deserving birds!


Cockatiel Aviary

A brand new aviary for our rescued cockatiels!

Our cockatiel aviary was showing its old age, and we were becoming increasingly concerned with the state of the supporting wall behind this structure which was degrading further with each passing year. Following a generous grant from a fellow animal welfare organisation, we were able to completely dismantle this crumbling structure and start again with a purpose-built, safe and secure home for them! This is what we want for all of our residents, and together we hope to achieve it!


Turtle Unit Rebuild

A new home for our rescued Terrapins!

With such high numbers of sadly unwanted terrapins in need of a Forever Home, it was clear that we needed to create an environment that the terrapins calling Brockswood home would thrive in. This old enclosure was really showing its age and beginning to fall apart, so together with Proteus Reptile Trust, we rebuilt it for them including many important features that were missing from its predecessor!


More coming soon!