Current Projects

Since taking over the abandoned Critter's Farm site, we have had to carry out countless repairs, as the old Cotwall End Nature Centre site is showing it's age now. Now we have decided to stop patching it up and start again from the ground up. We want to slowly completely rebuild Brockswood, to create the haven that both our rescued animals and you, our supporters and local community, truly deserve to enjoy!

Unfortunately, this is very expensive and we can only work as fast as funds allow us. If you or your company would like to help with funding, or donating materials, please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you. Together we can achieve so much!

Below are just some of our current, and planned projects for the near future.

Run Upgrade

Rabbit Run Upgrade

After a couple of foxes were seen during the day, trying to get into our rabbit runs; we decided to take our rabbits off show until we could upgrade them to be completely secure. As you can see from the photo, we have begun this, adding extra height and enclosing the structure so that the rabbits can stay out all day free from any risk of other animals getting in! This also stops wild birds from flying in and eating their food.

Each run costs around £200 to upgrade and we have so far completed three, thanks to kind donations. Work is now continuing on these throughout our closed season and we hope to have them finished ready for re-opening in Spring 2020.


Duck / Chicken Aviary Rebuild

After the successful rebuild of one of our duck aviaries, we would now like to rebuild our other duck aviary and the adjacent chicken aviary. These aviaries are now very old and need to be changed. Starting from scratch means that we can also consider things that the original builders did not, such as a water supply, pest-proofing, good access for people working in them, proper drainage etc.

This is a project that we are very keen to start ASAP but must wait until the Rabbit Run project is completed first - this will give us temporary safe enclosures that our ducks and chickens can live in while work is being carried out, and as soon as that is complete, our rabbits can move back in!


Stable Renovation

As we sometimes take in sick animals, and many are starting to enter their twilight years, it is important to us that we have good, warm, draught-proof stables where they can sleep safe and sound throughout the year, but especially during the harsh winter months. This will involve replacing fencing which is starting to fall down; installing proper gates; replacing old electrical wiring and adding plug sockets/lights; plumbing in pipes and taps, and more.

Thank you to Kelly Griffiths who is kindly CrowdFunding for this project!