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Matt & Freya

(Vulpes vulpes)

Foxes are truly incredible animals, and they are so much more than just their beautiful red coats. They are highly intelligent, crafty, and incredibly agile, and they are known to engage in playful activities like chasing their tails and playing with objects.  It is amazing to observe their resourcefulness and the way they interact with their environment.


Unfortunately, many people don't understand foxes and treat them with fear and misunderstanding, or even worse, hunt and kill them for sport or farm them for their fur. It is heartbreaking that these magnificent creatures are so often misunderstood and mistreated. We should all strive to learn more about foxes so we can appreciate their true nature and do our best to protect them.


We took Freya in late one night in 2018 after she, as well as several other animals (some of whom we were also able to provide a Forever Home for), was found living in a home in very poor conditions and seized by another animal rescue organisation. Read more >>

When Freya first arrived she was, understandably, very scared of us and would hide as soon as she saw anyone. It took months to gradually get her used to us, so she was no longer scared, and following a lot of time and extra care, she seems to have forgotten her sad start in life.

She loves to run and play with toys. She loves exploring new things and meeting new people, and even dogs who visit us!

Unfortunately, Freya cannot be released into the wild. We suspect that she was born in captivity and although she does have some of her natural fox instincts, she could not survive if she was released.

Forever in Our Hearts

Although these beautiful foxes are no longer with us and are missed so very much, they live on always in our hearts and minds. As long as we continue to speak their names and tell their stories, they are still with us and will never be forgotten!



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