(Sus scrofa domesticus)

Harry Trotter

Harry joined us in 2017 with his girlfriend, Hermione. They had been bought to turn over the fields at a stable yard and did an excellent job, but came to the sanctuary when a new home was needed for them.

Harry is a Kunekune Pig - pronounced "Cooney Cooney", which means fat and round in Maori (we won't tell him that). Unlike many other pigs, Kunekune pigs can live on mainly grass and a grazers, while most pigs are known as "rooters" as they root through the ground with their strong noses to find food.

Harry has had a few health problems, including a major operation thanks to the amazing vets at Meadows Farm and Nottingham University, but he is feeling much better now!



Hermione came to us with Harry, and although they have the odd tiff (usually because Harry is being greedy), they are inseparable; especially at bedtime when they love to snuggle up together.

Hermione is friendly but can be a little nervous at times, although she does like to odd bum scratch!

Despite her little legs, she is quite agile and can both climb and run very fast. We have to rotate their paddocks, as they make them quite muddy and this gives the grass a chance to grow back - she usually outruns us when we race her to the new one, with Harry not far behind!


Sponsor the Pigs

Sponsoring our Pigs helps us to pay for their care, and makes it possible for us to take in others in need of us in the future! Funds from your sponsorship help us to pay for their food, bedding, veterinary treatment, enrichment, and enclosure upkeep/renovation. These costs quickly mount up and your help makes a big difference.

You Will Receive:

  • A Certificate of Adoption

  • 2 A4 Pig Photos

  • Pig Fact Sheets

  • A Sponsor's Season Pass (visit them as often as you like during our open season!)

  • Your Name proudly displayed on their "Best Friends" board outside their paddock.