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After asking for your thoughts on our idea of creating a Secure Dog Run here at the sanctuary, we were so happy with your many positive responses that we've decided to work on getting it off the ground! After hearing of so many dogs needing a safe space to enjoy off-lead fun, we feel that this is so important and another way of helping animals.

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Why Dogs?

Why does an animal sanctuary that doesn't rescue dogs want to help dogs?

Well-behaved dogs on leads have always been welcome visitors at the sanctuary. Most people will agree that they see their dogs as members of the family, so why leave them behind when you’re taking a trip out? We believe that dog friendly businesses are so important so that you can continue to enjoy this time together as a family. 

Our animals are all very accustomed to seeing dogs and not at all worried by their visits, so this is also an important opportunity for your dogs to see these animals in a safe, controlled setting – and with Livestock Worrying a growing problem in the countryside, we have plans to create a “Your Dog & Livestock” Course to better equip owners with the knowledge and skills needed to keep livestock and yourselves safe on country walks.

Although there is no blanket law in the UK on keeping dogs on leads in all public spaces, there are several Orders that oblige you to keep your dog on lead (or excluded entirely) in certain places in your local area, such as children’s play areas, roads, parks, etc. 

This is also recommended for the safety of your animals, and in some cases dog owners may simply not have the confidence to let their dog off-lead in a non-gated area. This may be due to:

  • Poor recall 

  • Anxiety of strangers/other dogs

  • Breeds/individuals with high prey-drive

  • High speed and agility

  • Aggressive behaviour

  • Dogs just starting training

  • Fears of your dog being stolen, and much more!

Time off-lead is absolutely vital for a dog’s physical and mental health, and important bonding time for you together. With around one in four households thought to have a dog, there are thousands of owners struggling to find a safe space to enjoy this time together, and many may not be walked at all. So, we want to go a step further in welcoming dogs to our sanctuary. We want to create a secure, safe space that your dogs can enjoy here and create a small “sanctuary” of their own to enjoy…

We have selected a large, lush paddock in a quieter area of our site. This will be secured with a high fence to stop larger/more agile dogs from escaping, a lockable gate, and be made available for bookings so that you will have full use of the dog run without worry of another person or dog entering while you are in there! This also means that you are able to distance yourself from other people during the pandemic, and still enjoy your walk together.


The Paddock

This is the beautiful paddock we've earmarked for it! Don't worry, our woolly grass mowers won't use it when it's ready for your dogs and they're not missing out on grazing spaces as this is unfortunately an area we can't use for them very often!

Image by Jonas Weckschmied

Donate via PayPal

You can donate towards the run via PayPal - Please make sure you tell us what it's for so that we can make sure your gift is used in the right place!

Donate Funds

You can also make donations via cheque to 'Brockswood at Cotwall End', or by cash in person at the sanctuary. Again, please tell us what your gift is for so that we can make sure this is definitely used towards the £3,000 total needed for the run!


Would you or your organisation like to sponsor the run build and launch with the donation of funding or materials? We would love to promote your brand in return! With so many dogs out there in need of a safe space to exercise, this could be a very fulfilling project to get involved in!


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