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Bert Autumn

(Mustela putorius furo)

Ferrets are a species of small, carnivorous mammals belonging to the family Mustelidae. They are wonderful little animals - they're social, intelligent, inquisitive, playful, and can be a lot of fun to care for! Unfortunately, they are too often misunderstood and kept as pets without the proper amount of care and attention they need to thrive. It's essential to understand the unique needs of ferrets (and indeed all animals) before bringing one home, including the amount of time and space dedicated to them, as well as the correct diet, and exercise - they are very active and require lots of space to explore and play. Without the right care and attention, they can sometimes be quite nippy and this is one of the reasons that they often find themselves homeless!

We have had several ferrets sadly abandoned at the sanctuary, and it's so rewarding to see these little ferrets find peace and comfort in our care.

Forever in Our Hearts

Although these beautiful ferrets are no longer with us and are missed so very much, they live on always in our hearts and minds. As long as we continue to speak their names and tell their stories, they are still with us and will never be forgotten!



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