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Callum & Duke
Archie & Timmy Food

Our Residents' Virtual Shop

Welcome to our rescued residents' virtual shop! Here you can directly support their care by helping us to purchase some of their essential food and other supplies needed for their day-to-day care here at the sanctuary.

Simply click on and buy the item that you would like to send to us, and we then receive your donation directly which will be put towards buying that item ourselves on your behalf. As we place very large orders for some of our animal supplies, this saves you from having to pay shipping costs for individual items or high cost prices when we can get them at lower bulk prices, making your kind donation stretch that little bit further - because we would rather see every penny of your kind donation used well here!

Amazon Wishlists are very popular, but many items that we use are unavailable, cannot be added (third part sellers can no longer deliver to wishlist addresses), or are overpriced. Again, we would far rather your donation stretch further and not be wasted, so we have created our own!

If there is anything not currently in the shop that you are interested in helping us to purchase, please get in touch. Thank you!

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