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Our Corporate Sponsors

We are very fortunate to be supported by some wonderful companies. These are some of the organisations that have assisted and made generous donations to our sanctuary that we could not have dreamed of without their help!

If your company would like to get involved with us here, please don't hesitate to get in touch - thank you!

Rayton Electrical Wholesalers Logo.jpg

Rayton Electrical Wholesalers

Rayton Electrical have supported us for many years and kindly supplied us with a large variety of equipment needed to keep the sanctuary running smoothly, from lighting for our buildings, to television for our CCTV systems, as well as many other electrical items that we would be lost without! Nick at Rayton has supported us for many years and even volunteered his time to help us at the sanctuary!


Portcullis Security Solutions

We sadly had five animals stolen from their enclosures while we were closed in 2020 due to Coronavirus, and it was clear that we needed a complete security overhaul to keep our animals safe and secure at the sanctuary. When the team at Portcullis Security Solutions heard about our plight, they generously donated several CCTV cameras to help protect our animals. These cameras feed back to their control station where they can instantly pick up any intruders on site, and call the authorities straight away.

We could not have dreamed of such a high-tech constantly monitored security system without their help!

Carvers Building Supplies

Carvers Building Supplies

For the last few years, Carvers have been very kindly providing all of the building materials needed for the important renovation work we are carrying out on the Cotwall End site at a greatly discounted price, meaning that we can make your donations stretch even further and make our new builds and repairs even better!

Squire Logo

Squire Locks

This is another of the fantastic companies we have here in the Black Country! When the team at Squire heard of the horrible break-in and theft of five of our much-loved animals in 2020, they very generously donated some of their padlocks to help to keep our animals safe here at the sanctuary. Thanks to them we have another ten general purpose padlocks and eight high-security locks which help to keep our perimeter secure.

These heavy-duty padlocks were rigorously attack tested for maximum security of our perimeter gates!

Thanks to wonderful companies like Squire, we can feel happy in the knowledge each day that our animals are safe here!

Zaun Ltd

Zaun Ltd

Following the heartless theft of our turkeys and three of our sheep, we were very lucky to receive support from several local companies including Zaun who generously donated 25 high-security mesh fencing panels, posts, and accessories to help us to secure our perimeter to keep our animals safe and secure in their home. Again, this is a huge security upgrade that we could not have managed without their generosity!

Abloy Logo


Based in Willenhall, ABLOY are a wonderful example of local businesses coming together when they generously donated 30 PL330 high spec pick-proof padlocks to keep our animal enclosures locked and secure day and night. 

“Normally I work to secure critical infrastructure sites, such as in the telecoms or water sector. But when we saw the news of thefts at the sanctuary, not far from our head office in Willenhall, we felt compelled to help out.

“The PL330 is an all-purpose padlock, intentionally designed to meet a wide range of security needs. It’s a stressful time for everyone, so we hope that this donation will at least bring some peace of mind to Neil and the sanctuary staff.” 

Steve Wintle, Head of Critical Infrastructure at Abloy UK.



Though not local to the sanctuary, DefendaStrip are "big softies" and after hearing of the theft of several of our much-loved rescued animals, kindly stepped in to aid our massive Security Upgrade Project by generously donating a large quantity of their DefendaStrip® Anti-Climb Spikes to improve our perimeter security!

Selco Builders Warehouse Logo

Selco Builders Warehouse

After one of our duck aviaries collapsed during a particularly bad winter and heavy snowfall, Selco stepped in and generously donated almost all of the materials needed to completely re-build the aviary and create a new, modern, purpose-built home for our rescued ducks!

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