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Opening Hours: Closed due to Covid-19 Lockdown.

Brockswood Animal Sanctuary is based in Sedgley, West Midlands. We care for and rehabilitate sick, injured, abused and in many cases abandoned and unwanted animals; giving them a safe and happy Forever Home here with us, whilst also endeavouring to restore and renovate the 'Cotwall End' site. Learn More

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Covid-19 Lockdown Support

As we are now locked down at the sanctuary again and continuing to care for our many rescued animals, remaining closed is having an enormous impact on our funds, with it currently costing just under £3,000 a week to look after the animals that call our sanctuary home. This includes food, bedding, enrichment, medicines/veterinary bills, and utilities such as water rates/electricity, as well as rent paid to the council for the use of the site. These costs add up very fast! 

Many of you have very kindly asked how you can help us, you can find some ideas on our Covid-19 Support​ page. Thank you!

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2020: A Positive Reflection

2020, a year none of us will forget. It’s so easy to focus on all of the bad things that happened this year, so we are instead celebrating all of the good and hope that you will be able to do the same. Sometimes it’s only a small win, a happy moment or memory, but they shouldn’t be overshadowed by the bad. So Here are ours...

We started the year with our new website, which to date has been visited 36,000 times. After a lot of work (we do it all ourselves) it allowed us to not only share more of our work with you, but run all of our ticketing when we were finally able to open. This included almost 17,000 tickets to visit us this year - a record breaking number of visitors to the sanctuary!

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Avian Influenza

On top of the continuing battle against Coronavirus, we are now fighting Avian Influenza (Bird Flu). Following several very serious cases found around the country, England was recently declared an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone.

This means that all bird keepers, whether you have 500 birds or 5, are now legally obliged to take precautions to protect your birds against this very serious virus - including, where practicably possible, bringing birds inside or under cover so that wild birds and their droppings cannot enter their living spaces and risk introducing the disease.

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JustGiving Appeal

If you are able to support us in any way with the ongoing costs of our animal care, please donate here, or visit our Covid-19 Support page for more donation options. If you wish to support us through the donation of physical items, i.e. food for our animals, or would prefer to make a donation outside of the JustGiving platform, please get in touch. Thank you!

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Opening Hours: Closed

We have made the difficult decision to remain CLOSED for the winter. As many of you know over recent years, we’ve stayed open up until Christmas, and delighted many of your children with visits from Santa in our grotto! Unfortunately, these events take quite a bit of time and money to put together and with all that's happened recently, we simply cannot afford to risk spending this money at the moment, when our animals are likely to need it much more - we must put them and the guarantee of a future for them here, first.

At this time, it is best that we focus all of our attention on our animals and fighting for our future; ensuring that we’re ready to open to you again with a bang next year!

Those of you with annual/sponsor passes, don’t worry, these will be extended to include this time you missed out on visiting us!

As many of our animals are quite old, they need us more than ever at this time of year. We, and our vets, are constantly amazed at the ages of our animals – many are now in their teens and still thriving, but like us people, they do begin to show signs of ageing; worn teeth, stiffer joints, etc. In most cases, these issues needn’t be a problem with extra care and attention – soft, warm, deep beds to cushion them and keep them cosy and comfortable in the cold weather; special diets and extra vitamins and minerals; and veterinary treatment when needed.

The most important element of our care? Time and Love. Remaining closed will mean that we can dedicate all of our time to ensuring that each and every one of them get this special care and attention no matter their age, and don’t miss out while we’re worrying about looking after our visitors – we also don’t want to risk not looking after YOU properly at this critical time when things such as extra cleaning are so imperative to your health, whilst we’re busy focusing on our animals!

With this in mind, this is what we’ve decided, and we hope that you’ll respect this decision and continue to support our important work here. The work never stops. We'll keep you updated on what we’re up to and how your favourite animals are doing!

We look forward to opening again to you next year and can’t wait to see you again.

Thank you again for caring about our animals as much as we do.


Support Us

Help us to help animals in need.

We are not government/council funded and rely entirely on the kindness and generosity of people like YOU. There are so many ways that you can help us, from making a donation, visiting us and learning more about our work, to sponsoring an animal, volunteering your time, or just telling others about us!

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