Autumn Opening Hours: We are open every weekend from 10am - 4pm (last entry 3pm). Please Note: Advance booking is no longer necessary and we have returned to walk-in admission - our sincere heartfelt thanks to all of our supporters for using our booking system for so long. We appreciate your patience more than you know!

Adults & Children over 4: £3.50

Children under 4: FREE​

Brockswood Animal Sanctuary is based in Sedgley, West Midlands in the UK. We care for and rehabilitate sick, injured, abused and in many cases abandoned and unwanted animals; giving them a safe and happy Forever Home here with us, whilst also endeavouring to restore and renovate the 'Cotwall End' site. Learn More

We don't receive funding from the Council or Government, and we are completely reliant on the kindness and generosity of others in order to keep the sanctuary open and care for all of our animals. Every little helps and we are extremely grateful for your support - our work and successes are only possible thanks to your help and generosity!

Ramsey & Greta

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Help us to help animals in need.

We are not government/council funded and rely entirely on the kindness and generosity of people like YOU. There are so many ways that you can help us, from making a donation, visiting us and learning more about our work, to sponsoring an animal, volunteering your time, or just telling others about us!

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Make a Donation

Help us make a difference to the lives of animals in need of our help.

When you make a donation, you are supporting our vital work to protect and care for animals in need. Our continued work at Brockswood is only possible thanks to each and every single one of you that so generously give to our animals and enable us to ensure a safe home for the many more who need us.

You can donate via PayPal (you don't need a PayPal account), visit our How You Can Help page for more options, or if you would like to donate another way please get in touch via email.

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Chicken Rescue

We sadly arrived recently to find several abandoned chickens on our car park. As we started to try to round them up, we quickly discovered that there were more frightened hens hiding in the bushes too. Many scrapes and bruises later (for us), and we managed to carefully capture all six and get them into the safety of the sanctuary. We don’t know what they’ve been through or where they came from, but unfortunately, a couple of them are in quite poor health and one, in particular, is undergoing veterinary treatment as she is very poorly indeed – she was so frail and dehydrated when we caught her that we had to help her to drink. All need to gain some weight and have heavy parasite burdens which we’ve started treatments for straight away, so we hope to see some improvement quite soon!

They are currently being quarantined in our stables while we work on getting them better and make sure none of them are carrying anything that could be passed on to any of our other birds – this is standard protocol for any new animal joining us at the sanctuary to protect both them and our current residents.

They are a lovely group of girls, and we just can’t imagine why anybody would want to simply throw them away like this!

We’ll keep you updated on their story with us.

If you would like to support their care and treatment, you can make a donation via PayPal at (let us know it’s for the hens!), you can visit us – it costs just £3.50 and that money goes straight back in to caring for these wonderful deserving animals! You can buy gifts for them via our Amazon Wishlist and you can simply keep following our work and supporting us. It’s always lovely to know that you’re there at our side TOGETHER!


Meet Our Residents

Get to know the Brockswood family!

All of the animals at Brockswood are rescued and can vary depending on what we have taken in. You may see some animals that are in a poor condition; these are some that have recently arrived and are undergoing treatment.

Sadly, some of them have had a bad start in life, but by supporting our work, you are helping us to ensure that their lives will always be happy from now on!

Our Animals


Chicken Appeal

We are asked to take in chickens on an almost daily basis and frequently find them sadly dumped at our gates or even launched over our fence. Chickens are fast becoming one of the country's most neglected animals - hatching projects are continuing to gain momentum in schools and care homes with no thought about the future of the chicks once hatched; chickens obtained to cure boredom during lockdown are now being cast aside, and commercially farmed hens kept for laying in their thousands face being culled with nowhere else to go as they are disposed of by the egg farming industry.

Roosters are in even more trouble, while they are not considered useful due to their inability to lay eggs, loud crowing, and sometimes difficult temperaments.

We currently have 28 chickens at Brockswood and want to be able to do more for these wonderful birds and the many more out there in need of a home where they can be happy, healthy and well cared for!

What do we want to do? Visit our Chicken Appeal page to find out more.