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Back to the Classroom...

It was back to the classroom for our animal Keepers this week, as they attended a training session with farm vets Rhys and Gina from Meadows Farm. This time we were learning how to carry out Worm Egg Counts to better monitor the health of our farm animals.

Preventative health is very important when caring for all animals, and this allows us to routinely screen for parasites rather than constantly treating them and risking resilience to medications in the future.

When an animal is showing signs of sickness, this is often one of the first places that we will look, as parasites are one of the most common causes of symptoms such as weight loss and poor condition. We can then treat the cause, or if ruled out can look further to get to the bottom of what is actually causing the problem with our vets’ help.

Being able to carry out simple tests like this will also save us money that can then be put towards other important veterinary treatments – emergency treatment for our larger animals can quickly run into their hundreds (and in a past case, thousands), so it is very important that we have these funds available.

We are always learning and very happy to be gaining new skills to better care for our animals. We have wonderful vets who are always happy to help us with this, and we have learned a lot from them over the years. This is just the first of several upcoming training sessions that we are looking forward to!

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