Dog Show 2021 - What a Pawsome Day!

Now that we’ve had a little chance to recover, we’d like to say the most enormous thank you to everybody who helped to make our Annual...

2020: A Positive Reflection

2020, a year none of us will forget. It’s so easy to get hung up on all of the bad things that happened this year, so we are instead celebra

Lockdown: The Birds

On top of the continuing battle against Coronavirus, we are now fighting Avian Influenza (Bird Flu). Following several very serious cases...

Brockswood Lesson: Emus

With the wonderful response we received to our first Brockswood lesson, we thought we'd put another together for you!

Brockswood Lesson: Raccoons

With so many children isolating at home at the moment and parents wondering what to teach, we thought it might be fun for us animal keepers

Ivy & Evie Meet their New Family

You may remember Ivy and Evie the sheep who joined us a little earlier in the year after they were found homeless and lost

Sweet Dreams, Beautiful Sophie

It is with the greatest of sadness that we have to tell you that Sophie the Raccoon has fallen peacefully asleep and left us.

International Keeper Day

Animal Keeper is a short job title, when in fact you are also a...

Back to the Classroom...

It was back to the classroom for our animal Keepers this week, as they attended a training session with farm vets Rhys and Gina from Meadows

Oh Deer!

The scramble to rescue a trapped Muntjac Deer at a local school.

Harry's Operation

Our vets at Meadows Farm do a fantastic job with our animals. They’re not always used to seeing the problems that some of our older...

Halloween Fun

We’ve had lots of fun with the animals this Halloween, giving out tasty pumpkin treats (no tricks here, just treats!) and having a go at...

Are YOUR rabbits eating enough hay?

It's Rabbit Awareness Week and this year the emphasis is on HAY. According to a survey carried out last year by the PDSA, it is thought...

The Plight of the Rooster!

As it's the Chinese Year of the Rooster, now is a great time to talk about their plight! Chicken keeping has gained a lot of popularity...

Animal Sponsorship

After lots of requests, we've set up an animal sponsorship package! Sponsorship makes an ideal and original gift at any time of the year...