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Penny in Loving Memory

It is with the most enormous sadness that we must announce that our beloved Penny has fallen asleep and joined her friends across the Rainbow Bridge. She snuggled up cosy and warm in her stable, which you helped us to make nice and comfortable for her with your kind donations of spongy stable mats and deep straw bedding, fell asleep, and simply forgot to wake up – and we wouldn’t have wanted it any other way for this beautiful girl. We are heartbroken but so happy that her end with us came so peacefully for her.

Penny was a tower of strength; she had needed special veterinary treatment and extra care from our animal care team throughout her life, but she simply got on with this and took everything in her stride – animals never fail to astound us with their resilience, strength, and bravery. She was always kind and gentle, never the bully. She was a mother and continued to care for her daughter and friends as any good mother would. Whatever your beliefs, we like to hope that Penny is now reunited with not only her friends who went on before her but her lovely daughter Tuppence, once again happy and healthy.

Penny and Tuppence joined us almost eight years ago from another sanctuary that had sadly fallen into hardship and was having trouble paying the very high bills that these animals can generate – they just wanted the very best for them, and we think we were able to give them that in their time with us. Penny was a very old lady, and it was simply her time.

Penny has been so loved by us all – our residents are more than just animals that we care for, they are family to us. Some of us spend more time with these wonderful animals than with our own families and have built up such special bonds with them over the years together. We know that many of you care for them deeply too and this means so much to us, and of course, to them too. Thank you for helping to make a difference in her life and thank you for always showing her kindness during your visits – animals are intelligent and feel, and she will have felt your kindness.

While we will miss Penny so very much, we will put all our love into the family she has left behind; Jim, Harper, Groot, Ollie, Brian, and Pettle. Lots of extra cuddles for these guys and a special helping of Penny’s favourite treat in her honour, her special porridge.

Sweet dreams beautiful Penny xxx

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