COVID-19 Support

As our hard working team are now locked down at the sanctuary again and continuing to care for our many rescued animals, remaining closed will have an enormous impact on our funds, with it currently costing just under £3,000 a week to look after the animals that call our sanctuary home. This includes food, bedding, enrichment, medicines/veterinary bills, and utilities such as water rates/electricity, as well as rent paid to the council for the use of the site. These costs add up very fast! 

Many of you have very kindly asked how you can help us, so we have put together a list below:

Jim Collecting Can


With our bills totalling almost £3000 per week, every penny makes a difference! You can donate to us in various ways...

  • PayPal Donations - Please let us know what the money is for so that we can make sure your kind gift is used in the area that you specify!

  • Donate via GoFundMe (this was kindly set up by one of our supporters to raise funds for an animal transport trailer to help us to rescue more animals in need)

  • Cheque to "Brockswood at Cotwall End"

  • Standing Order: 
    Name: Brockswood at Cotwall End
    Account #: 27097480
    Sort Code: 09-01-56

Any sum is greatly appreciated, no matter how big or small - with your help, we can get through this difficult time!

Animal Feed


A lot of people have very kindly offered to buy animal food and asked what sort of food they eat. The foods we use include:


  • Sheep Mix

  • Pygmy Goat Mix

  • Pot-bellied Pig Food

  • Poultry Mix / Layers Pellets

  • Happy Hoof

  • Marine Duck Food / Duck Layers Pellets

  • Nature's Touch Rabbit Food

  • Nature's Touch Guinea Pig Food

  • Ostrich Breeder

  • Cockatiel Seed

  • Supreme Selective Degu Food

  • Parrot Seed

  • Wild Bird Seed / Mealworms

  • Turtle & Terrapin Food

  • Harrington's Complete Dog Food

  • Livestock Mineral Blocks

  • Horse Mineral Licks

  • Treats

We also use very large quantities of HAY and STRAW.



As well as the compound mixes we use, our animal diets are all boosted with a healthy balance of fresh foods. We use:

  • All fresh fruit/berries, except lemons, limes & avocados.

  • Large quantities of salad leaves.

  • All fresh vegetables; except onions, leeks, and aubergines.

  • Frozen bagged mixed vegetables.

  • Crab sticks, whitebait, prawns, sardines, fresh tuna.

Callum & Duke


You're only as good as the tools you use, and some of ours are now showing their age! If you'd like to help us to help our animals, you could treat us to a new tool? You wouldn't believe how excited we get about these. Items we need the most are:

  • Stiff Brooms

  • Plastic Leaf Rakes

  • Shovels (metal and plastic used)

  • Dustpan & Brushes

  • Scrubbing Brushes

  • Deck Scrubbers

  • Hoses and Connectors

  • Scrapers

  • Stable Manure Scoops

  • Wheelbarrows

  • Gardening tools, i.e. pruners, shears, trowels etc.

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BUY A GIFT FROM OUR Amazon Wishlist

This is a fun way for you to donate to the animals and see exactly where your money is going - or why not just peruse the list for ideas of the sort of items we need? We know it does sometimes pay to shop around or you might have what we need lying around unused at home! We'll try to keep this updated frequently as our needs change and there will be a range of small low budget items, and larger higher priced items - we really don't like to ask, but our kind supporters keep telling us that if we don't ask we don't get, so we're going for it! 

We post photos of the gifts you send in use on our social media pages, so do keep an eye on these if you send us something - we love to be able to thank you!

Brockswood Amazon Wishlist