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Happy Halloween!

Halloween at Brockswood is an occasion our animals all look forward to - it means treats, treats and more treats! Of course, it's all in moderation, but what's better than tucking into some pumpkin?

Pumpkins and their seeds are a great source of vitamins and nutrients, such as Vitamins A, E, C, antioxidants, lutein and beta-carotene. The seeds are even thought to aid natural de-worming! What a great way to recycle!

Jack & Davy loved tucking into their delicious pumpkin!

And so did Missy the Raccoon!

Additionally, we all had some great fun dressing up - Rosie the goat loved being our star witch for the year. Even Tuppence, who's a bit shy sometimes, seemed inquisitive as to why her enclosure suddenly bared all things Halloween-y.

So how can YOU make Halloween fun AND safe for your animals?

  • Keep your pets inside - ground your cats, tell your dogs to stay, as trick-or-treating commotion can be quite upsetting. Simply put a spooky film on and give them some love instead!

  • Don't be a stranger. Masks and costumes can be quite frightening for your pets - they don't know who you are! So when around them, keep masks and costumes on the DL. 

  • What about treat time? Make sure all treats given are non-toxic, and in moderation - human chocolate, sweets, and gum are a DEFINITE no-no!

  • What if I'm having a house party? Set your pet up in a 'safe room' - a quiet, chilled environment where they can get away. 

  • Even the best vampire dog can't drink blood. Make sure all decorations (i.e. candles, lights, cardboard cut-outs) are all out of pet's reach. Even things like rubber eyeballs or fake blood can pose a threat. 

  • Not every pet is a dress-up star. Be aware of how your pet feels dressing up; if they're uncomfortable, let them be themselves for this year! Ensure the costume used is safe! Remove dangling parts, masks that cover eyes etc, and ensure your pet can move freely.

  • Customise and personalise. Got a rabbit? Give them a cabbage leaf stuffed with veg as their treat bag. Got a dog? Buy them some new toys! Leftover pumpkin? Feed it to your chickens! Don't be afraid to GET CREATIVE!

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