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Animal Sponsorship

After lots of requests, we've set up an animal sponsorship package! Sponsorship makes an ideal and original gift at any time of the year for an animal-loving friend or relative, and we can even post directly to them if you like! Or why not treat yourself? Not only are you treating the recipient, but our animals as well, as profits go straight towards caring for that animal. This can buy food, bedding, helps us to pay for important medications and veterinary treatment, plus enclosure renovations.

When you sponsor with us, you will receive:

  • A certificate

  • 2 A4 pictures of your animals

  • A keyring

  • An adult season pass

  • A fact sheet about your animal

  • Your name displayed on the sponsor's board by your animal

We'd like to say a huge thanks to all who have sponsored our animals so far, on behalf of us and the animals. After a few niggly problems (such as printers breaking down!) we got our first packages out in time for Christmas; one of our fantastic Volunteers and maintenance superman John hand-delivered them. But the result we had was well worth it!

Currently you can Sponsor:

  • The Goats

  • The Sheep 

  • Duke the Donkey

  • Callum the Welsh Mountain Pony

  • Leo the Shetland Pony

  • The Owls

And our Most Popuar Animal Award goes to...

Duke the Donkey - Most Popular Animal 2016!

Duke the donkey has been the most popular choice so far, which thrilled him to bits! Duke can be quite a shy donkey, but mischievous and sneaky, with Callum being his partner in crime! Callum loves to steal haynets from him, but Duke stands up for himself by letting out a high-pitched bray to say - "Oi, I need another haynet!".

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