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Cotwall End Spring BioBlitz

A few weeks ago, we spent some time at Cotwall End Nature Reserve surveying the many different kinds of wildlife that take sanctuary there. Over just the two days we managed to survey over 200 flora and fauna, and we have so far found over 100 species!

View our iNaturalist Project page to see what we found.

Thank you to everyone that took part in the Bioblitz to help us explore Cotwall End and its wide range of habitats. We definitely learnt more about what signs of wildlife to look out for during Spring, and found some species that we haven’t heard of before! Please go ahead and upload your observations to iNaturalist if you haven’t already.

It’s not too late to take part, there are some observations in our project that haven’t been identified yet! If you think you know the species of any of the flora and fauna found during the BioBlitz, you can suggest or comment an identification under the observation.

You will need to create an iNaturalist account using this link: and all the observations can be found under our project in the link above.

Please note: You must be 13 or over to create an account and must otherwise have your parent’s or guardian’s permission.

Dates for your Diary!

We will be hosting another BioBlitz in the Summer on the 13th and 14th of August. More details of this event will be shared nearer the time, but you are welcome to join the new iNaturalist project here:

Don't forget that you can log your sightings here at the sanctuary all your round, we have so far recorded 107 species here and would love your help to record and identify the many more we share our site with during your visits.

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