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Little Grebe Release

We usually refer Wildlife cases to dedicated wildlife hospitals with the specialist knowledge and experience often needed for these animals, but when this Little Grebe was brought to us by a neighbour, we were very pleased to be able to help it ourselves! It had unfortunately been caught by a cat, but thankfully examination showed that it was not badly hurt.

We were then able to check whether it was able to perform all of the behaviours needed for release; such as swimming, catching it’s food, eating and preening. It passed with flying colours and so we were overjoyed to be able to find a suitable release site here.

We checked that it could swim properly and catch food in water.

We have several areas of the sanctuary that we have dedicated for the abundance of wildlife that visit or choose to live with us, and a large pond loved by various wild water birds, with lots of hiding/nesting spaces and food available.

The Grebe swam away slowly, then quickly dove underwater, zigzagging across the pond, catching tiny fishes and insects, popping up all over the place! A very happy little bird!

A big thank you to our kind neighbours for rescuing it and keeping it safe until we could take over.

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