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"Invisible" Jobs

We are constantly working to improve the site, but a lot of our biggest jobs lately have been what we've come to call the "Invisible Jobs" here. These are the tasks that will make a big difference to us, but unfortunately aren't things that you can really SEE. For example, we are currently undertaking the enormous task of fixing and replacing old and broken pipework under a few of our paddocks. Though a huge job involving a lot of hard work, man power, and expense; once covered back up, this becomes "invisible" to you, leaving you wondering what we've been up to!

However, once completed this should help fix some of the flooding which has affected several paddocks for years now. With clay soil, in the dip of a valley, and many natural springs on site; wet ground and mud are things we've battled since Day #1, so broken and burst pipes on top of that are most definitely NOT wanted!

It's a bit of a mess at the moment (we've covered up the dug out holes with pallets for now, so Leo the Shetland doesn't accidentally stumble into one - we like to hope he's more intelligent than that, but you can't be too careful!) but we're working hard to have it all covered and fixed up by the time we re-open - and hopefully some drier paddocks, plus a re-instated footpath which we had to close due to its flooding and damage a couple of years ago! There is a lot more repair work needed for this, but we're on the case!

Leo surveying the chaos in his paddock before we moved him out.

It's all go here, and rest assured that though you cannot always see the work being done here, we are ALWAYS working to improve the site and make it great again!

If you think you could help us in any way, please don't hesitate to get in touch! Thank you.

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