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Ivy & Evie Meet their New Family

You may remember Ivy and Evie the sheep who joined us a little earlier in the year after they were found homeless and lost (suspected to have been stolen!) and wandering in the middle of the road.

All new animals have to undergo a quarantine period here where we will assess their health and ensure that they can safely join our other animals. Unfortunately these girls had to remain quarantined for longer than we had hoped as Ivy was found to be suffering with pneumonia shortly after arriving - this can often be brought on by stress in animals, and they’d certainly had a stressful few days with all that must have happened to them! They also had a heavy worm burden which needed to be treated as well before they could make any new friends.

After a lot of extra care, love, veterinary treatment and patience, we were happy that they were healthier and ready to join a group. We chose “Auntie’s group” as they are some of our gentler sheep, and Auntie is always ready to mother another sheep in need (which is why she now has her own little group of misfits). They were instant friends and we couldn’t be happier!

Thank you, as always, for your support - this makes happy endings like this possible for us!

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