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Out of Quarantine

Say hello to two beautiful boys - Jack and Dave.

With all new arrivals, we have to quarantine them for 30 days as a standard procedure; contamination and illness is always a risk with new animals, no matter how healthy they seem, as we can never be 100% sure of their backgrounds, genetics or past lifestyle. Don't worry, though - we keep quarantined animals in a cosy, warm stable catered to their needs. The boys had a treat being pampered by our keepers and being able to listen to the sounds of our farm; all the better for them settling in!

Now though, they are free out of quarantine, and loving their new enclosure in our Walled Garden! Dave, being the friendly boy he is, loves to perch on our shoulders and have a bit of a cuddle (who would have ever thought cockerels would love cuddles?), while Jack is a true adventurer - he can usually be found exploring his enclosure, searching for dips in the ground, and logs to clamber on and let out his mighty calls!

So what's the story with this pair? They were found dumped on-site, outside the gates in a cardboard box, in the early hours of the morning. Although frightened at the time, they've settled in brilliantly now; all the better, for the adventures they're bound to have with us, and their neighbours (or rival clan!) the turkeys.

Why not pay them a visit before we close for winter?

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