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Sweet Dreams, Beautiful Sophie

It is with the greatest of sadness that we have to tell you that Sophie the Raccoon has fallen peacefully asleep and left us. We knew she was much older than Fiona when we took her in (we suspect she may have been her mother), but she hid exactly how old she was quite well, and after a short battle with several age-related conditions, and trying every treatment we possibly could (thank you to our exotics vets who pulled out all the stops for her); it was simply her time. No more pain, no sickness, no fear. Only love. And love her we always will.

We are so sad that we didn’t get longer with this beautiful brave girl. Sophie came to us just over a year ago, after spending her life until then in a cage on a puppy farm that has, thankfully, now been shut down! She was very timid when she first came here, but slowly started to come out of her shell and trusted us. We were over the moon when we completed their brand new enclosure (thanks to your support) and so was she... exploring every corner, splashing in her pool, climbing, playing, sunbathing, and snuggling up with Fiona in her warm bed. We wish she could have had this new life for longer, but we’re so happy that she got this time with us and put her past well and truly behind her.

While Fiona loves to play rough, she was nothing but gentle with her in her final days, clearly knowing she just needed peace and comfort. Raccoons are social animals so when the time is right we hope to offer a happy home to others in need of a forever home, joining Fiona so that she doesn’t become lonely. For now she’s getting lots of extra cuddles and fuss from us and is doing well. Animals will never cease to amaze us with their strength!

Not a day will go by that we won’t think of our darling Sophie and we hope that you will remember her fondly too. As long as they live on in our hearts, they never truly leave us.

Sweet dreams Sophie xxx

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