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A large proportion of our rescued residents are grazing animals, which means they eat an enormous amount of grass and, yes you've guessed it, hay! This is an important part of their diet all year round, but especially during the winter months when the grass loses its nutrition, and eventually stops growing altogether until the spring.


Hay is an important part of our sheep, goat, pig, pony, and donkey diets. All have their own haynets, troughs and racks which are filled throughout the day to ensure they always have a constant supply. As we use such a lot of hay at the sanctuary, we buy these in large round bales (the sort you may have seen out in fields during the summer) as these are the best value, but the cost still does add up when we must buy so many!


It's not just our paddock animals eating all of this hay, and it also forms a crucial part of our rescued rabbits, guinea pigs, and degus' diets as well!


We source all of our hay and straw from local business, Staffordshire Hay, and put in a large order at least once a fortnight.

Bale of Hay

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