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Straw is an essential supply here at the sanctuary, and we appreciate your support to ensure that our residents have warm and comfortable beds every day. We use large amounts of straw all year round, but particularly during the colder months when the animals spend more time indoors and need extra warmth throughout the day and nights when the temperatures can drop below zero. As we use such a lot of straw at the sanctuary, we buy these in large round bales (the sort you may have seen out in fields during the summer) as these are the best value, but the cost still does add up when we must buy so many! 


Some of our residents are now very old and need a lot of extra care and support; some of this involves thick, deep, padded straw beds to help cushion their older joints and help to keep them cosy and comfortable in their twilight years. Obviously, this means that we use a lot of extra straw for these lovely individuals, but coupled with spongey stable mats and warm heat lamps, it does make a difference for them.


We source all of our straw and hay from local business, Staffordshire Hay, and put in a large order at least once a fortnight.

Bale of Straw

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