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Winter Appeal

Winter is always a hard time for most animal sanctuaries and rescue centres, and we are no different. The grass stops growing, the paddocks become muddy, and the animals need a lot of extra care and attention. Every little bit of extra income over the winter period can make a big difference to the animals here at Brockswood.

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Our elderly animals suffer the most from the cold, so they need a lot of special treatment - Nice thick straw beds for extra warmth (and as many of these older animals suffer from arthritis, the extra depth helps to cushion their joints); large amounts of hay to compensate for the loss of grass in the paddocks; and extra feeds and mineral blocks to ensure weight is kept on, as some of these older animals are at an age where they find it harder to metabolise all the nutrients that they need.
Every single donation no matter the size will be a huge help to us! Keeping our rescued animals safe, warm, well fed, as well as veterinary treatment comes at a considerable cost.

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Donate a Bale of Hay


Veterinary Care

Keeping an animal well fed and cared for over winter will give it a chance to thrive into spring, again and again! Our vets are often shocked when they ask the ages of some of our animals, and in some cases having to learn how to deal with some of the age-related problems that our animals can present.  Old age is not an illness, and our animals can cope very well with being old. However, it is important to recognise that it does take a lot of work to keep on top of the needs of older animals.

Other Ways to Donate:

Brockswood Animal Sanctuary is self-funded. Without the support of the public there is simply no way that we could continue our work with these wonderful animals.

Please visit our How You Can Help page for details on other ways that you can help us out this Winter.

Stan in the snow
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