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Viking Settlement!

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

We are very pleased to introduce you to Hrafn Vaeringi, a fantastic locally based Living History group who are working on a Viking Settlement build project here at the sanctuary. You can follow their progress on the project’s Facebook page here: Viking Settlement Project

If you are interested in their work or would like to join them, they are currently recruiting new members! As their village starts to take shape it will act as a base of operations and will function as an authentic Living History Village. If you think you have what it takes to be part of Hrafn – builders, fighters, crafters, and living history performers; send them a message, or come along and see them at the village every Sunday!

As one of their fighters you will be fully trained in both Eastern and Huscarl rules combat and will get the opportunity to fight both here in England and in Europe. If fighting is not for you, you can still join as a non-combatant.

The group are also looking for funds to support the Viking Settlement Build Project. “We sacrifice our free time, money, sweat and tears to build a Viking Settlement in the West Midlands area. We are extremely fortunate and feel truly blessed for this opportunity. We can't do it without you! Building materials cost; wood and tools being the most expensive ones. The project will bring amazing value to the community providing various events, education & living history. Every pound helps!”

Building Begins...

You can donate via their GoFundMe Page, which has so far raised £710 of their £1,500 target! or send them a message if you think that you might be able to help them out with materials/labour. Thank you!

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