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A busy week for our sanctuary Vets!

As a sanctuary, we would be lost without the support of our vets, and today we’d like to highlight the work of our amazing vets at Meadows Farm who have had a busy couple of weeks with us here! They rushed straight out to us when Geraldine the sheep gave us a scare with the first stages of bloat, and has since been seen twice - we’re happy to say that final checkup gave her the all-clear and she was able to go back out with her friends! Following this worrying event, vets Frances & Sophie gave our team a training session on what to do if we have a sheep or goat with bloat again - bloat is very serious and left untreated, the animal will die, so it is critical that we are able to step in to provide this first aid while we’re waiting for the vets to arrive!

Geraldine waiting for the all-clear so that she could be reunited with her pals!

They have also given Ollie the goat a check-up (he’s fine!), as well as Jax and Evangeline the Sheep who we have been a little worried about and now receiving treatment.

We also had a very busy day vaccinating all of our sheep and goats, helping to keep them safe and healthy over the winter - a particularly critical time for many of our older animals here!

The team at Meadows Farm are always at the end of a phone any time of day if we need them for help or advice, and we know our rescued animals are in the best hands when they need that extra care that we can’t provide.

You can help to support our animals’ veteriary care by making a donation (please let us know that you would like it to be used for this) and helping us to purchase the veterinary medicines and supplies needed to keep our animals healthy and happy, and help to make our poorly animals better!

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